The MatchBoxx is a new twist on an old concept, connecting great retailers with great brands. 

Do you remember when sales reps used to show up at your doorstep begging for a few minutes of your time? Or a parade of reps would walk into your shop weekly wanting you to stop what you’re doing to see next season’s offerings? 

In the more recent past, retailers had to travel to trade shows, at a huge expense in both time and money, only to walk for miles and miles to discover a couple of new brands for your shop. Your only other option is to scour the internet and buy a larger order from a wholesale site and, hopefully, the product lives up to the hype and images on the web. 

We’ll now there is a new way to find the perfect products for your store. The MatchBoxx!

We are not a wholesale site, you can’t buy inventory from us and we don’t take a commission, ever. So, how does The MatchBoxx work? 

I’m glad you asked, our Marketing guy, Brian, put together a quick video to help explain how things work.

Let’s say you’re a retailer. You would go to The and browse through our ever-growing brand offering. Then you get to build a MatchBoxx by placing five brands in your Boxx. We then drop premium products from each of those five brands into a MatchBoxx and send it to your shop. Over $200 in value for just $99. 

Once you receive your MatchBoxx, open it up and touch and feel the best products your brands offer. These are not “samples”, or swatches, or trial size products, they’re the real deal. See the quality first hand, get feedback from your customers, your staff, anyone whose opinion you trust, or compare the products to others in your store.

Finally, we hook you up with a personal contact at that brand who you can work with to get your shop set up for business directly with that brand. No commissions to any online wholesale site get passed on to you. As a bonus, we usually have an exclusive discount or perk set up for you with that brand that you can apply to your initial order. 

You see, The MatchBoxx was built by veterans of the retail industry who have struggled both as a retailer and as a brand with finding good matches. 

Go to, walk through our simple process and build yourself a MatchBoxx. We think you’ll love the experience and we think you’ll be equipped to make better buying decisions for your business. 

Talk soon,