Trade Shows Are Dead!

Trade Shows Are Dead!

Trade shows died an ugly death this year and they won't be coing back....EVER. 


Busy shop owners were already looking for a way to skip out. The money, the time...for what? 

It just never really made sense to spend a week away fromthe shop, spend a ton of cash just to walk 25 miles searching for a needle in a hay stack. Right?

How many of us found 5 new brands to carry at any one trade show? Almost no one! 

So, when COVID hit and all of the shows were shut down, you didn't hear much protest coming from shop owners. 


Until reality set in and buyers started reallizing they needed to freshen up their offerings and they started scoring the internet for new brands.


Up pops a bunch of platforms to connect retailers with brands. But they suck, too!

They're basically Amazon with 60 day financing. They look great on the outside but 5 or 6 clicks in and...holy crap!...they just moved the needle in the haystack to the internet. BOOOOO!

AND, check this out, those sites charge the brands 15%-20% commission! Guess who really pays that in the end? YOU DO!

I want indie and I want it now! I want samples and I want them now! 

This is why we started The MatchBoxx! Pick 5 brands and let us send you their best samples. $79. DONE!

Seriously, that's it. 

If you love one of the brands in your MatchBoxx, we'll give you their contact info and you can connect directly with them. You pay no hidden commissions! 

Later, if you want another injection of awesome, come on back to The MatchBoxx and check out our latest finds! 

Trade shows aren't coming back, for reals! 



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