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“The Shower Bursts brighten my whole morning! Highly recommend!”

Steam activated aromatherapy designed to elevate your everyday!

Shower Bursts are activated by the steam from your shower giving a spa-like aromatherapy experience right in your own home. 

100% pure essential oil and all-natural ingredients assure a healthy energizing or relaxing experience. Each Shower Burst lasts for 3 or 4 showers and, with over a dozen different experiences available, your customers will keep coming back for a new scent. 

Over the past sixteen years, hydraAromatherapy has evolved into a respected brand for handcrafted natural bath and shower products that offer a novel approach to personal care and home fragrance.  Alongside our insanely popular Shower Burst, we offer a wide array of innovative essential-oil-based products.  

A full collection of gorgeous blends.

Whether you’re looking to energize, relax, or give a truly thoughtful gift, hydraAromatherapy offers a full library of unique, expertly-crafted essential oil products for any mood and every occasion.

Pure, powerful essential oils.

Every hydraAromatherapy product is crafted with care in the United States using only 100% natural essential oils—no artificial fragrances, ever.

Stevie B. - “The shower bursts brighten my whole morning! Highly recommend!”

If you love your MatchBoxx samples from hydraAromatherapy and decide to bring their products into your store, we have negotiated a special bonus for your first order! 

We will send you a special code with your “connection” email that will give you: 10% OFF on your first order, NO MINIMUM!

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