The Hate Stains Co.
The Hate Stains Co.
The Hate Stains Co.
The Hate Stains Co.
The Hate Stains Co.
The Hate Stains Co.
The Hate Stains Co.

The Hate Stains Co.

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“Amazing stain remover!!”

Instant on-the-spot stain removal. 100% Non-toxic and Certified Safe*!  

We do really hate stains at The Hate Stains Co. but we also love our skin, our kids, our clothes, and our environment!

That is why we worked so hard to develop a remarkably effective stain remover that only uses ingredients and packaging that meet our high standards as parents. 

Safer Choice* verifies that our stain remover is safe for your skin, your clothes, and your kids! 

Four different formulas packaged in handy wipes or portable 4oz bottles make stains a thing of the past! 

Take a variety of our wipes with you and be ready when the inevitable stain happens! 

Mindy L.  - “Fantastic! Works amazingly well. Stains come right out; my family thinks I'm a miracle worker!”

Olivia R. - “Works! It has removed stains other products couldn't with little to no effort on different types of fabric. I'm extremely pleased and would recommend it.”

Marissa N. - “Amazing stain remover!! I used it for the first time on a pomegranate stain. I was sure that my daughter’s pants were ruined because it had been a few hours before I realized she had a stain. I sprayed the stain and it immediately disappeared! I was shocked!”

Pennie M. - “These stain removers are amazing. They work!! I always have some ready in the laundry room and Hate Stain packs in my purse.”

If you love your MatchBoxx samples from The Hate Stains Co. and decide to bring their products into your store, we have negotiated a special bonus for your first order! 

We will send you a special code with your “connection” email that will give you: 15% OFF your wholesale orders PLUS FREE SHIPPING and FREE DISPLAYS on qualified orders! 

*The Safer Choice label gives consumers assurance that EPA scientists have evaluated every ingredient in products that carry the label to ensure they meet Safer Choice’s stringent criteria and help consumers choose safer products.

NO Peroxide, Chlorine, Phosphates, Formaldehyde, No Sulphates (SLS, SLES, SCS), Troclosan, Parabens, MEA, DEA, TEA, Animal by-products, Allergens, Perfumes, Dyes or Caustics.

ONLY Naturally derived ingredients, 100% Biodegradable, pH Neutral, Safe for Colorfast washable fabrics.

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